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"For Peace, for prosperity, and for Freedom!"

Creation ideals

Moving into the first age of human growth, there were multiple threats on foreign foots on western soil. The cities of Bricantia bay and Monkey market marked what others felt were movements onto the continent, and a sign of rapid ape expansion that would outroot the locals who survived there. The Western United Council was founded to ensure the western powers would be strong enough to keep those forces out, as well as to give nations a path onto geopolitics that they wouldn't of had beforehand.

Level of power

Right now the WUC is the most powerful group in the entire world in terms of Economy, men, resources and Land control

Nations involved

Pyrrhian Imperium

Azure azarchy

The Union





Port Naufrages




This recounts the, thus short, history of the WUC

Early stages

On 26th August 2021, Vice president and diplomat of sollas FriendedCape, who would later go on to become the spokesperson for the WUC, would sail south to the Pyrrhian cove, much to the suspicion of the guards. He would meet with Imperator Melevor in their government building later that day to discuss politics and the UAE expansionist threat. It would end with a solidification of their Mutual Defence Pacts and the first two nations involved in the WUC.

The Irithil discussions

FriendedCape would then meet with Falcon of the western nation of irithil after another journey. This would be successful again with Irithil gladly willing to join the WUC. They would bring an extremely isolationist worldview to the WUC stage, versus the very involved nations of Pyrrhus and Pyrrhus. Some speculate this to be due to their separation culturally and geographically from the mainland. It was also at this time that many cities would leave the unpopular UAE and join them, marking them as a massive force across the globe.

The port naufrages and Azure azarchy involvement

FriendedCape would then spend many moons journeying north to the autonomous region of falklandia, governed by RedLace, who immediately accepted the request to join. This would mark the moment where The WUC would become an important force in Theian geopolitics. Falklandia brought with it mining resources that would help all the nations massively. After resting at the capitol for a few months, he would make the cold and perilous journey to the isolated northern communities of the azure azarchy, whose locals at Union would insult Cape until he decided to head north. However, this would not prove fruitful as a few jokes at each others expense would overflow into a full blown tension. Cape would return home defeated

The First confrontations

A few weeks later Cape would recieve a message by post informing that Azure azarchy required backup. After officially joining the alliance as the 5th member, he would recount the tale of two apes entering his city and raiding it of its resources. the entire WUC responded to this act with disgust, and, with the sudden invitation of Pyrrhus' allies Parthevia and Danmerk, would make use of their strength to deliver an ultimatum to the UAE, which would read as follows

1) Hand over all minerals stolen

2) pay 5,000 as reparations

3) hand over monkey market to azure azarchy

The discussions would be done by FriendedCape, as artimus could not be in the same room as St_GeorgeFloyd due to insults in the past, another factor for the ultimatum. He refused, and after Sollas broke all diplomatic ties with them, which he declared "unlawful", was terrified to see all of the 7 nations involved declare war on him.

The Indication

As tensions ramped up, realising their being outnumbered and outgeared, went into a panic, telling everybody that this was warmongering. Pyrrhus would hold a rally for its army members to instil fear in the UAE, which it did. Then a lucky message from Cape calmed the situation down. A second discussion over their crimes would occur, with Cape eventually making the UAE pay 30,000 in reparations to Artimus, making him among the richest in the world. FriendedCape had stopped an all out war.

The triflumina involvement and The first meeting

Triflumina would later on be invited to the WUC, following a journey by FriendedCape. A few days later on September 4th, the very first meeting of the council was held. It was held in pyrrhus and they discussed a myriad of issues, namely, the UAE and their towns in what was otherwise WUC territory. A day later the treaty would be formalised. the WUC would hereby embargo the UAE, to a devastating affect due to the WUC amassed wealth. They would also give the towns of Bricantia bay and monkey market a chance to join WUC nations or face the same embargo. Bricantia would join Irithil whilst monkey market would remain in UAE hands

The second confrontations

As the continent headed into the second tension in two days, the UAE agreed to sell monkey market for 30,000. Before the deal could be signed, however, they would increase to 45,000 (for reference the UAE controls about 200,000 amassed). Before Anybody could even respond to that, he would ocme out with as statement of pure hostility towards the WUC, claiming they were "bullying" the UAE. The WUC then held a vote over their course of action, which settled to improve relations with the UAE

The treaty

Named the treaty of Vinhmoc, the treaty contained the following terms

1] a thirty day armistice

2] No more UAE involvement on Western Soil with the exception of monkey market

3] Monkey market must stay a market and no military is allowed there

4] a meeting at some point in the armistice to discuss relations

5] An embassy for the WUC in Ape town

6] an embassy in WUC towns that want them from UAE

7] the banning of slander towards Artimus

8] Stop slandering artimus.

This was agreed to and is now an official document


These are the rough claims of the WUC. its a bit blurry!