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summary; Pablo is one of the members of the Backyardigans who has adventures with his friends until he becomes Pablo halo by the plot.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-A high

Name: Pablo

Origin: Backyard gang

Gender: male

Age: 9

Classification: space-time reality warp

Powers and Abilities: Time Manipulation, Time Erase, Darkness Manipulation ,Death Manipulation ,reality warping ,probability control

Attack Potency: at least high outerverse level

Speed: immeasurable ( when he only did a little run with dimensional flash )

Lifting Strength: unknown

Striking Strength: at least outerverse high when his blows shook the higher dimensions

Durability: at least high outerverse when he received an attack that destroyed the higher dimensions

Stamina: Extremely tall with its halo shape

Range: beyond the higher dimensions

Standard Equipment: gun and halo armor

Intelligence: high when you strategize in combat

Weaknesses: none notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques: gun creation of realities, explosion eraser of space and time


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