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Melany Malfoy  (Febuary 4, 2005 - Present) is a Pure-Blood Witch born to Pure-Bloods Rose Weasley and her husband Scorpius Malfoy. Melany is the younger sister to Maddox and is the older of her other siblings; her sister Parker, and her brother Sebastian.

She is well known for her overall pure-blood lineage tracing back generations. Her family was originally at odds when your parents married, being as their families were moral enemies from the start. Following the rise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the Malfoys were a notorious family.

Melany Malfoy is the girlfriend and wife of Darian Nethurmy. From 2038 to 2045 she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was sorted into Slytherin house.

After marrying Darian she went on to become a traveling asset for the ministry of magic, mainly working in their defence department. Darian went on to become a potions professor doubling as a biochemistry teacher at Oxford Uni.


Early Life

Melany is the eldest daughter of Rose and Scorpius. She grew up surrounded my magic, as she lived in a pure-blood home being as her family is made up of respected witches and wizards.

As the eldest daughter, she was always looked up to by her youngest brother Sebastian. Though she was the only one put in Slytherin among her siblings, she could always count on her close relationship with her older brother Maddox. Her closest friends, Jasper Potter-Longbottom and Lennox Black, also stayed by her side throughout her years at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Years

Year 1

Melany always carried a sense of confidence that made it nearly impossible to shake her. From the beginning she had already known her closest friend Jasper would be there so she wasn’t at all worried. Her biggest responsibility outside of her own hard work was her passions, since she wasn’t the oldest child.

During the Sorting ceremony she watched as each of her siblings before and after her get placed in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. She is taken back when the sorting hat declares her to be a Slytherin just before it had even touched her head. Being a Malfoy and being Slytherin, specifically the only Slytherin in your generation was something that she would have to constantly face.

Though she was not in the same house as her siblings or even her best friend Jasper she befriended her future significant other Darian and her other close friend Victoria Dectus. Victoria would grow to become the house prefect and head girl two years in a row.

Though Jasper was a Gryffindor he quickly found ways to spend time with Melany so they would always have time to enjoy and make memories.

Her first year had played out quite well and she became very quickly noticed by the professors and even the headmaster for her work ethic and unique character traits.

Year 2

By the end of first year, Melany had grown to care for Victoria like her own sister and became slightly closer to Darian. Though their relationship was on an off, she started to spend more time with him.

Eventually chaos wrought when her older brother Maddox found out about her befriending Darian. Darian’s brother Fern had been quite a rotten apple in Gryffindor and slipped to Melany that Darian was capable of being just as reckless. As time grew by she started to develop a curiosity for pushing Darian’s buttons since she was quite a kind Slytherin.

At one point about half way through the year, Fern had cast an unlawful jinx on several first years and Maddox made it clear that the Nethurmy’s weren’t to be trusted. Despite her disbelief, he persisted and told her he would not be by her side if she continued to stick by Darian.

Though both Darian and another Slytherin Corvin started to prove troublesome, Melany would not let go of her feelings that he was better than he acted. During this time she took comfort in talking with Victoria and Jasper.

As the year came to a close she had a fierce falling out with her brother and younger sister. Only Sebastian stood on her side and was willing to understand. A week before the close Lennox was sent home after she got into trouble during a dueling meeting and suffered serious injuries.

Year 3

Going into her third year it became quite clear that Melany had quite the knack for Charms. Her professor even gave her special admittance to preform spells out of class times for practice purposes only. She started to develop feelings for Darian at this time as well. Her closest friend Jasper had gotten a girlfriend and slowly declined in his efforts to spend time with Melany. Although it upset her, she took it lightly and started working towards learning what it meant to be a true Slytherin. She became very popular in her house for her sheer confidence. Many of the boys would leave notes in the common room for her that Darian would ransack at night and trace down the author.

It was clear that Darian was developing some sort of feelings for her as well. Though it was less plain since he was dealing with a bit of a personality change during this year.

Eventually she tries to patch things up with her other siblings, specifically Maddox. This results in a heavy conversation between the two of them that took place in the transfiguration courtyard. In the end Maddox started to get violent and raised a strike against Melany, which to his surprise Fern blocked. He was admitted to the medical ward and Parker almost suffered expulsion after it was discovered that she had found that spell for him in the restricted section. During Halloween amidst the exhibit of Parker and Maddox both recieving a Howler from their mother, a heavy conversation went down at the Slytherin table. Melany was told they would be going to Hogsmeade in the near future and she had asked who Victoria was planning to go with. When it was made known that she was venturing out with the Slytherin head boy, Melany was hurrying to find a partner. As she turned to get up Darian grabbed her hand, “I’d love to take you too Hogsmeade if you’d want to go.” Melany was startled since he had been very closed off and prideful even to her till then. “I’ll see you there python.” She gave a quick grin and sat down continuing to eat her food.

Year 4

During this year Melany is recruited by a small group to deal with some odd magical happenings that had taken place within the school. This included the imprisonment of Fern Nethurmy for the murder of a second year who was selling deadly potions within the Ravenclaw common room. Though it hurt her to put her new friend away, she new it was wrong what he had done.

She and Darian become very close and she is caught multiple times with his robe on in her charms class. Victoria and her spent more time together and though she became single shortly after the start of the year, was always the biggest supporter of Melany and Darian.

Year 5

Not much is known about Melany’s journey from this year forth. However rumors was spread around that she had embraced her notorious Malfoy family legacy for a short time and caused several violent “incidents.”

Year 6

Year 7

Maddox says Goodbye

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Eventually Maddox finishes off his years at Hogwarts and says goodbye to his family. Though Melany never truly tied things back with Maddox, she was just as sad to see her brother go. He had been there for her regardless of the situation from the beginning. As he moved in to become a traveling journalist he would often write to her and hint at memories they made as children in his articles. Eventually he would be the best man for her and Darian’s wedding and would help them settle into their life together.

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After he left Melany was given light responsibility to watch over her younger siblings. She grew very proud and protective of them both. Sebastian grew to become very well acquainted with Darian and viewed him as Maddox’s stand-in throughout his final school years.

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After Hogwarts

After graduating she married Darian and got to attend her younger brother Sebastian’s ceremony when he was awarded title as assistant to the Hogwarts potions professor. She and her husband decided not to have any kids, but did decide to further advocate for Parker by helping her with extra funds.

Physical Appearance

Melany has blonde like her father and dark narrow eyes that (according to Darian) resemble dark chocolate chips. However during her first year she dyed her brown because she wanted to stand out from her family.


The confident, messy hair, light makeup up look Mel usually sports.

She has a rounder nose and large plump lips. Her face is oval shaped and she had scarcely tanned skin. Her hair is just below shoulder length and is usually worn down or in a slick yet messy bun style. She usually wears light makeup with dark coloring and is known for her naturally long lashes.

Melany sports an average body size, with big hips and slightly broadened shoulders.

Her body holds various patches of freckles, which accentuate her hair color.

Her favorite physical trait would be her narrow jawline and hunter eyes .

Personality and Traits

Melany is known for being very caring through she is a Slytherin. However she holds truth to be very important and can be very blunt with it.

She never goes out without looking like a million galleons. Always feeling and looking her best is a priority and everyone who sees her knows her name. She can usually be found sporting some classy power outfit with all the right accessories down to her heels.

Despite being very nice she can be very very sarcastic. Melany is a firm believer in not lying to gain friends. Her perspective is “if your not interested, people need to know you aren’t.” This results in her being very open about when she’s not paying attention to what someone is saying or strongly declined someone’s invitation if she’s not impressed.

She has a very good sense of humor and loves to be around others making them laugh.

Although she never played quidditch, she’s killer on a broomstick.

She can come off as very protective of others, especially Victoria. This is a trait she got from her mother.

Although she has a very tough offense, she can easily be pursuaded by certain people she cares about. For instance, Darian can make her expose all her feelings in a heartbeat.

She loves to challenge herself mentally but also physically. She is a big lover of running and many times brought Jasper along to run the school courtyard with her.



Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy

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Rose and Scorpius are the parents of Melany and her siblings. Melany always had a close relationship with her mother. This was only due to the fact that her father overly worried about her being placed in Slytherin, seeing it like a curse. He proved to be very judgemental on her alone due to her place at school.

However, she does have a close relationship to her grandfather and often talks to him about his days at Hogwarts. Her and her mother also have a very good relationship and they always spend time together.

Both her parents were very supportive of her relationship with Darian and she found herself bringing him over to their manor quite often. Her mother loved to teach him how to cook and he would prepare their family dinner over holidays.

Maddox Malfoy

Maddox is Melany’s oldest brother. They grew up going to just about every Chudley Cannons game that took place. Although they didn’t hold the best relationship in their school years, Mel always kept a close place in her heart where Maddox stayed. He often judged her for her relationship with Darian because of his brother’s reputation. However in the end, he accepts it and attends their wedding as the best man. He also writes a debut article about the couple as a token of appreciation for Melany’s forgiving spirit towards him.

He has long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He has a very defined jaw like his father, and thin nose like his mother. He is considered fabulous and highly phyiscally gifted, with a muscular and model-like body. He has a very well-defined six-pack.

Maddox is more on the adventurous side, travelling the world by himself. He simply goes around as he pleases spending time with locals, even staying with strangers even though he can afford a nice hotel. He doesn't want to be a tourist, he wants to live as the locals do.

Maddox is very friendly, making new friends in every place he visits.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Melany is a very good witch, she is top of her class in almost everything except Herbology. Her close friend Jasper often dueled with her to learn way tricks he would learn during class.


Victoria: "Melany Coral Malfoy is that Darian’s robes ."

Melany: "What these? No there was an opposite jinx on the washer, instead of shrinking them they grew haha.."