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Lord Christim rare footage in 1669

Lord Christim is the most powerful creature in our universe. He can destroy the whole multiverse.


Lord Christim was born before omniverse was borned. He is older than the entire omniverse. In 1000 B.M, he created a weapon called "Cosmic Nuclear". He fall in love with Ricardo Milos. They married in 500 B.M.


  1. He can destroy the whole multiverse only say "Dahlah"
  2. He can spin more than 100000000000km/h.
  3. He can cook boiled water.
  4. He's pro at programming, he can beat Gordon Ramsay.
  5. Bikin TNI Amerika ketar ketir.
  6. He can do aowkaowkoakwoakwo

Lord Christim appearances at Golden Gate Bridge in 1945