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Lily Laufeydottir (August 14 965 A.D - Present) is the proclaimed Goddess of Truth and Deceit. Born of Laufey, king of the Jotunheim. Lily is the younger sister to Loki, trickster and God of mischief himself.

Her birth story was hidden from her for a long time and no one of Asgard but Odin and Heimdall knew who she truly was. Hidden in plain sight among the people she took her place as a silk merchant’s apprentice. It would be long before she was truly recognized as her true self.

Once Lily finally discovered the truth and escaped to Midgard she befriended one young Peter Parker who introduced her to the Avengers. After taking to Nick Fury and showing Tony what she was capable of, she was recruited and became a viable part of the team. S

Shortly after becoming part of the team, Thor began to recognize that her power was not of this earth. He became skeptical and started taking to asking anything Fury knew of her background. Eventually her secret was found out and Thor called his brother to explain. This was the first time the two met and wouldn’t be the last.


Early Life

Lily is the eldest daughter and second born child of Laufey. As a baby she was taken along with Loki as a peace bringer. While Loki was brought to the palace where he became prince, she was handed off to live with a merchant within the kingdom. Never told about her past, she grew up under the alias Diana Astril, “daughter” of Liv and Benor Astril.

Growing up she was always getting herself into trouble. However, as often as she would cause mischief, she never seemed to take any of the blame. Her accomplices would always end up carelessly admitting to their alleged wrongs. She made many friends as a youth and was known for her ability to breed the truth such a way that people who knew her would never believe she could ever lie.

Mid Youth

Lily was always quite the leader. She has a knack for making people cling to her every word. Her countenance and tone of voice made others perceive that she was destined for greatness. Her “father” always hinted to her that she was more capable than most. Although she never understood his words till she was older, they stayed with her.

When hiding among the commoners of Asgard she went many nights without sleeping. Her head filled with thoughts. On nights once in a blue moon, she would dream of a stranger slightly older than her, with long dark hair and light complexion. Her dreams called her as if her life were part of a puzzle she didn’t understand.

Eventually, months before Ragnarok came to pass, Lily had a calling stronger than any. She left in the night and reached Heimdall soon after. The sisters in her eyes peaked as she begged him to let her leave. Somehow she felt he could sense the urgency as he opened the portal.

After leaving Asgard, she arrived on Midgard. Alone and afraid she took shelter in the streets of Manhattan. One day while she was asleep, a group of men took and her brought her to an underground base. She soon learned that it was a HYDRA beta headquarters. Tests were run on her and she spent a l many months in and out of consciousness. Vague visions of horrible things she did while she was under haunted her in the night.

One afternoon while on a mission she broke back into consciousness. When she realized she was out in the streets away from the base she ran. As far as her legs could take her and deep into New York.

Several weeks later, she was taken in by a strange man. Ironically his name was Strange, a doctor turned sorcerer. He helped her to control her newfound powers to the best of his ability.

Eventually she got a hold of them and started to use them directly to stop ordinary crimes. During one of her regular “patrols”, she met the famed Peter Parker who addressed himself first as Spider-Man. They became friends after she told him her story and he revealed his identity to her. They became like siblings and his Aunt May even took her in for a time.

When Peter got recruited into the Avengers she went on the run again to hide herself from Fury. This went on for months and even caused a three day manhunt for her on behalf of SHIELD after she accidentally turned into a citizens dog and scared him to death.

After a short period of running, Lily was tracked down by agent Natasha Romanoff. She went through interrogation and was eventually interviewed by millionaire playboy Tony Stark. After watching him pace the room and get into seemingly heated argument with Fury, Stark came back in an offered her a spot on the Avengers.

Meeting The Team

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When she became part of the team she befriended doctor Banner and Wanda. Slowly they convinced her that she could trust them and that Natasha and Tony weren’t as bad as they seemed. As time went on she became good friends with Natasha, Bucky, and Cap. However Pete was still her closest friend. He convinced Tony to give Lily a chance and as a result she became like a daughter to him. The last person on the team that she met was Thor. Something seemed to be strikingly reminiscent about his presence. Thor and Lily got off very well and became close companions.

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Although she went on many missions, some resulting in her injuries, Thor became rather intrigued by her power. He started to question her loyalty to the team and began his efforts to dig up her history. It was a gritty process but in the end he found out who she really was. No dinner did he find out then he called his brother Loki to meet with her and explain.

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Meeting Loki

When Loki arrived it was as if two parallel universe collided. Their eyes met and she knew he was who she had seen in her visions. Though they never met in life, they were connected. Thor knew something was happening and started to question Loki about Lily. Little did he know, all the information he was giving to him was nothing he had previously known. Odin had never mentioned another frost giant to Loki. And Lily had never been told about her true past.

As they both turned over the idea in their minds, it clicked. Loki’s fears of being alone and misunderstood fled from him and a sense of protectiveness over Lily took over his heart. On Lily’s end, a great void was filled as she now knew she had someone protecting her. However a darkness, a hollow bitterness emptied into her soul and she burned for vengeance on Odin.

Physical Appearance

Lily has thick black hair with strands of blonde that falls right below her shoulders. It often frames her face and highlights her powerful gaze.


The powerful and stunning go to outfit Lily is seen in

She has a thin round-ish nose and large defined lips. Her face is oval shaped and she has a darkened pale skin tone. Very often she wears her hair down with loose curls or in a soft half up-half down look. She always wear natural yet strong toned makeup, usually made up of darker colors. Her face is also accented by her naturally long lashes.

Lily has a normal body size, with larger hips and powerful broad shoulders.

Her face showcases light freckles patches that said in her efforts to win over people’s affections.

Her favorite physical trait would be her submissive yet powerful countenance .

Personality and Traits

Lily is known for her charm. She is very kind and observant, making it easy for her to create adorable with others. She knows when someone is being untruthful and they will likely end up on her avoid at all costs list .

As it were Lily tends to stick with her one outfit that she was given on Asgard. It gives her the extra boost of confidence, in the case that she needs it. Walking around in that outfit gives her a powerful grasp on others perspectives.

She is very kind off the bar, though she is not quick to trust. It is very easy to make the wrong first impression on Lily and she can just as quickly decide they are not someone she wants to associate with. It’s hardwired in her to seek to please the company she surrounds herself with. She is lighthearted in conversation and always knows how to work a room.

She has a very good sense of humor and loves to be instill laughter within her circle of friends.

she has a very soft spot for Peter and is very open with him and Bucky about her emotions. Although Loki is her brother and she cares deeply for him, she often refrain from expression her worries to him.

Although she has a magic like gift, she is very physically tough. From a young age she was taught almost every kind of fighting style and makes it a point to avoid using her powers as a scapegoat from fighting back.

She loves to mentally challenge herself. Always diving into a new book from Peter’s collection. Sometimes she enjoys sitting with Steve and listening to him telling her his stories of the war.



Loki Laufeyson

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Loki is Lily’s older brother. Though they did not meet until they grew older, Loki was very protective of her from the moment he met her. Being around her reminded him he wasn’t alone or misunderstood. That she was his other half, the half that longed for security.

After joining the Avengers, he made sure to tell Bucky and Tony to keep a close eye on her for him. Although he was not informed of her run in with Hydra and the trauma she received, he was always cautious around her. He decided it would be best to spend time with her, teaching her how to master her skill.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Lily is very skilled in magic, she can do a variety of different complicated sorts of magic. These include shifting forms. Conjuring items, and creating clones of herself, amongst many other things. However in addition to her magic, as the Goddess of Truth and Deceit she holds the ability to make anyone admit their deepest truths or blindly lie for her sake.


Peter: "I’m Spider-Man nice to meet you ."

Melany: "And I am a goddess, mortal you have my friendship and loyalty. Be grateful"