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Before the beginning there was nothing but sadness, but after December 11, 2020 the great enightment happened Baby Sharks Big Show was born.

Baby Shark Brooklyn


Baby Shark Brooklyn lives with Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark and Joe Swanson


Baby Shark Brooklyn is affiliated with William Fuck-Face and the other insects of the ocean who all hail to Baby Shark Brooklyn

Baby Shark Mugshot


Baby Shark Brooklyn was infested from the the evil energy from the power from a blood moon that was causing the apocalypse

Baby Shark Brooklyn was born on the same day that Jesus was born (December 25) Jesus provided the world with good and, all the evil in the world was being contained by the top scientists in North Korea. Until one day the containment unit burst from all the evil energy that coursed through the unit. The evil energy then found a host inside of a Shark which formed the Baby Shark Brooklyn that the world fears today, but once Baby Shark Brooklyn was formed he went into hibernation for 2020 years until December 11, 2020. The evil energy inside of Baby Shark Brooklyn gave him satanic powers like hypnosis, and his famous fish fin. Baby Shark Brooklyn then formed his family and "friends" out of the tumors that his fin possesed creating the Baby Shark family that we all know and fear.

Mommy Shark

Daddy Shark

Grandma Shark

Joe Swanson

William Fuck-Face