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Aero Adventures or Aero the Hedgehog: Adventures is an upcoming animation series being released on youtube, created by Googleplayer3456. The series is set to be released in December 24th, and is being taken place after the events of Sonic Forces.


Aero Adventures was planned back in 2014. It was unnamed at that point and was in development in 2016. Googleplayer3456 (was called MarioandSonic123) decide to create an animation series based on the Sonic universe.

They're first attempt was a Sonic based series. MarioandSonic123 then created Emo the Hedgehog (Aero the Hedgehog's third prototype). They planned him as the main character of the series, until 2019 when MarioandSonic123 discontinued Emo the Hedgehog due to character development failure.

MarioandSonic123 then changed and form two new bases to continue the series. MarioandSonic123 was now Sonicplayer127, and created Googleplayer3456, and changed Emo's new design to be perfect.


Aero Adventures was codenamed Project 2020.

Aero Adventures is set after the events of Sonic Forces, and is taken place in Neo Station Square.


The cast of the characters that are set to appear in the series.

Recurring Characters

Aero the Hedgehog

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Aero the Hedgehog

A speedy brown hedgehog with attitude, and the top elite of G.U.N. Aero wanted to help those in need and bring kind and justice to evil and neutral. He is 17 years old and was born in Neo Station Square. He also goes on countless adventures, and with his partners (especially Jbird).

Aero has become more protective after saving Chloe after infiltrating Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier, and promises to protect her no matter what.


A kind and innocent young girl. She is 15 years old. and where she is form is unknown. Once held captive onboard Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier, and saved by Aero.

Due to Aero's heroic nature, Chloe felt save and calm wherever he is around.

Jbird the Bird

An elite solider of G.U.N. and Aero's partner. He goes on countless adventures with Aero, and helps him in battles.

Once weak and powerless at first, but after being talked into don't giving up, Jbird has now become more confident and fights against evil to bring justice to those on need.

Jalen the Mii


Jalen the Inkling





  • Aero Adventures was originally going to be Mario related, but changed to Sonic later.
  • Aero Adventures was going to be released in July 2020, but due to hardware constraints it was pushed in December 2021.
  • In the first trailer made for the series, The beginning part shows Aero tossing a ring in the air then grabbing it, then flicking it into the air again, This is a reference to one of the trailers for Sonic Unleashed showing Sonic tossing a ring into the air, and grabbing it, and then flicking it into the air again.
  • In the first trailer, Aero uses Sonic's voice clips from Sonic Colors.
    • Aero isn't planned to use Sonic's voice clips from Sonic Colors in the series.
  • A sequel is planned for the series titled Aero Adventures 2: Aftermath. it is unknown when it is set to appear.