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First appearance: Aero Adventures: The Origins Part 1

Aero the Hedgehog is the main character of the Aero Adventure series. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog, and a worker for Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.)

He was born in a fictional city called Neo Station Square, and go on countless adventures. Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, he has the ability to run fast as the speed of sound, curl up into a ball to defeat enemies, and has a similar attitude like Sonic.


First prototype of Aero the Hedgehog

First prototype

Aero the Hedgehog was created back in 2017. Due to the popularity of Sonic OCs, Sonic Fan41 (Googleplayer3456's old channel) decided to create a Sonic OC to fit in the popularity. Aero went through three prototype designs until meeting his final design.

Aero's first design depict him to look exactly like Sonic, but he has green fur and red gloves and cuffs. This prototype was unnamed and was used until 2018, when Sonic Fan41 was changed into MarioandSonic123.

Second prototype

The second prototype was named Smite the Hedgehog

During Sonic Fan41's development, they're second prototype would look identical to the first prototype, but Aero would have blue shoes instead of red. The prototype would've named Smite the Hedgehog and would've been the mascot of Sonic Fan41.

They also created a Super form for Smite, named Super Smite. He would have purple fur, blue gloves and cuffs, and red shoes. This prototype used until 2018, when Sonic Fan41 was changed into MarioandSonic123.

Third prototype

The third prototype was named Emo the Hedgehog

Emo the Hedgehog

After Sonic Fan41 became MarioandSonic123 in 2018, They decided to recreate Smite to they're liking. The third prototype would look identical the second prototype, but would have blue eyes instead of black, and gray muzzle, stomach, and arms instead of peach skin. the prototype was named Emo the Hedgehog and was the mascot of MarioandSonic123. They were developing a series staring him and created the Emo the Hedgehog series. This was used until MarioandSonic123 discontinued him in 2019 due to character development failure.


Aero the Hedgehog's final design

Aero's final appearance has some similarity to the third prototype, such as grey muzzle, stomach, and arms. Only difference is that Aero now has brown fur instead of green. He would wear black gloves, with grey tips, simulating fingerless gloves, instead of all red. He also wears black shoes, instead of blue, and the under part of his shoes are gray instead of red, and he has turquoise/cyan eyes, instead of blue.


  • Aero's name is derived from the term "Aerodynamics"
  • Aero was originally going to be 30+ years old.
  • In the first episode of the series, Aero is shown holding objects with his left hand. Which means he is left-handed.
  • In the first trailer, Aero uses Sonic's voice clips from Sonic Colors.
    • Aero isn't planned to use Sonic's voice clips from Sonic Colors in the series.
  • Aero's favorite food is hot dogs, which is used from chili dogs, which are Sonic's favorite.